The Challenge


Supply offers a premium single-blade safety razor and had been looking to drive more sales on social. They reached out to Stripes to help them get some stability in their performance, as well as increase the scale of their advertising efforts to reach new customers.



Stripes put together a plan to build upon Supply’s past success and reach a broader audience.

Using customer data alongside Facebook’s broad match DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads), Stripes was able to push Supply’s products out to a broader prospecting audience to drive more top-of-funnel engagement.


Stripes’ prospecting campaigns were followed up with segmented retargeting ads by action (view or add to cart) and time delay. Stripes leveraged offers in retargeting ads to drive up ROAS (return on ad spend) in the bottom of the funnel.



Stripes needed diverse assets to appeal to a broad audience, as well as creative that was just as unique as the Supply razor itself. Using a mix of stop-motion animation, disruptive video, and high-end product photography, Stripes compiled a suite of assets that were as compelling as they were entertaining.

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