Stripes Agency 02/28/2020

The Social Platform Transparency Trend

The social platform transparency trend is still going strong, with Facebook’s new rules being tested, and Twitter testing a new misinformation tag. Meanwhile, Snapchat rolled out a “Swipe Up to Call” feature, and TikTok influencers are making a big splash for major retailers.

Facebook Continues to Give Attention to their Political Policy

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is hiring a field team of 500+ people to help mobilize supporters. So Facebook is considering flagging these team members’ posts as being officially associated with Bloomberg’s campaign. Facebook is grappling with how to adapt their transparency policies to keep up with politicians’ growing reliance on social platforms. For instance, during 2019 alone, Trump’s team spent $20 million on Facebook ads compared to Bloomberg’s $48.5 million just since May 2019. Read more.

Leak Shows Twitter Is Testing ‘Identified Misinformation’

A leaked demo of Twitter’s new features sent to NBC News shows that Twitter is now testing a tag beneath public figures’ posts containing “harmfully misleading” information. While the official rollout has not yet been announced, Twitter is currently labeling tweets containing false information with a brightly labeled correction from verified fact-checkers. Read more.

“Swipe Up to Call” Snapchat Ads Now Available in the US

After testing the “Swipe Up to Call” ads feature in the Middle East, Snapchat rolled it out to its U.S. audience. This feature can already redirect you to a website, app installation, or longer video. And now it can make phone calls or send texts. Read more.

Get to Know TikTok’s Top Influencers

Modern Retail reports that huge retailers such as Target are “finding value in early investment in [the] youth-geared social network” by using influencers. Don’t have TikTok? That’s okay. Meet a few of its best-known retail influencers… Read more.

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