Stripes Agency 12/23/2020

Who would win a fight between FB and Apple?

Facebook and Apple are fighting with each other and the drama is quickly escalating—complete with ad campaigns and passive-aggressive tweeting. Twitter has decided to revert to its traditional retweeting process. Meanwhile, Google is testing out some interactive features for search results.

Facebook and Apple Are Going Head-to-head
Facebook has beef with Apple’s new iOS 14 update because it allows iOS users to block developers like Facebook from tracking users across platforms and websites. Facebook claims the update will devastate small businesses—while Apple argues users have a right to choose how they’re being tracked. Read more.

Twitter Drops Added Step in Retweet Process
During the election season, Twitter added a prompt encouraging people to Quote Tweet instead of Retweet. But this experiment resulted in an overall 20% decrease in sharing through both Retweets and Quote Tweets—so Twitter has officially ditched the extra step. Read more.

Google Tests Interactive Search Results Feature
Google is testing out adding a small picture icon that allows users to view images from the site before clicking the site link. The goal of this feature is to help Google understand how users interact with the new icon and to help users understand if a site is relevant to their search. Read more.

💡 Media Insight

How to Approach the Impending iOS 14 for Facebook Advertisers

As noted above, there’s been a fair bit of fear-mongering about how the iOS 14 data policy will affect Facebook’s ability to personalize ad targeting. How well-founded are those fears?

The fact is, we don’t know enough yet. So we think it’s a bit premature to panic.

We can compare the iOS 14 data policy to the recent tightening of data-sharing policy on Google’s behalf for third-party data, which resulted in the now-routine cookie tracking pop-ups on websites. Leading up to that change, a lot of experts and publications said the sky was falling when people could change their personalized ad settings—but effectively nothing changed.

Point being: Who knows how many people opt out?

In the meantime, while you’re NOT busy panicking, you should get busy familiarizing yourself with what’s to come.

The Facebook for Businesses site has plenty of resources. We recommend you start poking around, here.

🎨 Creative Insight

2020 Ad Spotlight

This year required a lot of flexibility on the part of advertisers. As we wrap up the year, we put together a list of our three favorites.

This year we needed…


In this instance, that encouragement came in the form of Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us” ad. The word that comes to mind is epic. Nike reminds us of human excellence and resilience. Watch it for yourself here. Feel uplifted.


Ryan Reynolds’ agency, Maximum Effort, strikes again. If you haven’t seen this spot they produced for, you’re missing out. It’s a HELL-uva narrative. It’s funny because it’s so true. Take a look here. #seeya2020


When some encouragement and laughter can’t do the trick, there’s Haus. Their ads capture escapism that puts you in the mood to relax and forget about all of 2020’s oddities. Here are a couple of our favorites, but check them all out here.

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