Stripes Agency 09/11/2020

👀 Which Tier Are You?

This week, Facebook announced a limit to each page’s ad volume. But don’t worry, the limit is pretty high. Instagram continues to push its new Reels and Shops functionalities, and new reports show the 2020 holiday season is going to be huge for mobile ecomm. Meanwhile, TikTok attempts (again) to out-maneuver the U.S. government mandate to sell off their American business.

Facebook Announces Limit to Ad Volume per Page
This week Facebook outlined new ad regulations limiting the number of ads a page can run concurrently, designed to help advertisers focus on quality over quantity. The volume limitation is based on a page’s highest monthly ad spend in a 12 month period. The volume limits are broken into tiers, ranging from 250 ads (for up to $100k monthly spend) to the upper limit of 20k ads (for $10M monthly spend.) Read more.

Instagram Tests New Nav to Grow Reels and Shops
Instagram has begun testing new in-app navigation that includes Shops and Reels tabs. The test points to how seriously Instagram is taking challenging TikTok with its Reels feature. Experts predict the shift in focus from images to videos will transform users’ behavior as advertisers’ creative. Read more.

Ecomm Holiday Shopping Will Reach New Heights This Year
A new report from App Annie predicts mobile shopping apps will see their biggest shopping season to date. Estimates show U.S. consumers will spend more than 1 billion hours on Android devices alone during Q4, which is a 50% increase from Q4 last year. Prior to COVID, experts didn’t expect to hit the 1B mark for another four to six years. Read more.

TikTok’s Battle for Survival in the U.S.
Following the extension of the presidential order that would force TikTok to offload their U.S.-based business by November 12, TikTok continues to explore alternatives to selling. Possible workarounds include restructuring or avoiding a full sale of its U.S. operations. However, President Trump has been reluctant to indicate satisfaction to anything short of a full-sale to a U.S.-based company. Read more.

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