Stripes Agency 05/29/2020

What should Facebook’s focus be? 🤔

This week, Facebook moves away from its focus on anti-polarization efforts, Instagram opts to share ad revenue with a limited group of content creators, and a federal court rules that tech companies aren’t held to the same constitutional standard as a governmental body.

Facebook Shelves Its Anti-Polarization Efforts
In 2018, internal Facebook findings showed that its algorithm promotes divisiveness. So Facebook formed a task force to help them better understand how their platform influences user behavior—in particular, how it increases public polarization. But Facebook has now shut down that project, which clearly communicates this message to the rest of us: Facebook may make the world a more divided place, but mitigating platform-induced polarization isn’t a priority for us right now. Read more.

NEW: Instagram Shares Ad Revenue with Content Creators
Instagram will start sharing the “industry standard” 55% cut with creators through ads in IGTV and badges (which viewers can purchase) that appear on Instagram Live. Currently the revenue share is limited to a group of 200 partners with a goal of expanding. Read more.

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Big Tech
Nonprofit group Freedom Watch filed a lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google for suppressing conservative views online and violating antitrust laws and First Amendment rights. The federal appeals court ruled there was insufficient evidence of an antitrust violation and that privately owned companies aren’t held to the governmental standard of the First Amendment, which “prohibits only governmental abridgment of speech.” Read more.


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