Stripes Agency 06/26/2020

What now, Facebook?

Facebook has seen rocky times, but this might be its worst: an unprecedented boycott by major advertisers. Meanwhile, Twitter tests new ad display tactics to drive more ad revenue, Facebook helps businesses comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and advertisers can now run ads on Instagram without a Facebook Ads Manager account.

Facebook Ad Boycott Grows
By now you’ve probably heard: prominent brands have declared a “Stop Hate for Profit” advertising boycott of Facebook over its content moderation practices (or lack thereof). It’s a backlash against Facebook’s inaction toward content that boycotters describe as ‘misinformation and hate speech.’ This is in sharp contrast to Twitter’s stance on flagging POTUS’s tweets as ‘misleading or glorifying violence.’ Read more.

Twitter: More Ads = More Money
Twitter reportedly is testing new ad display methods resulting in more ads appearing in users’ feeds. The effort is likely a response to the lower ad spend during Q1 due to COVID-19, when ad spend dropped 27% year over year in the second half of March. ‘Social Media Today’ notes that Twitter likely needs to ‘up its ad load in order to generate more revenue.’ Read more.

Do You Advertise to Californians?
Facebook’s new Business Tool, ‘Limited Data Use,’ will help businesses keep up with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). During the initial transition phase, Facebook will automatically limit data usage for all affected businesses with an audience based in California. For the majority of businesses, July 31 will mark the end of the transition phase, and advertisers will then need to manually enable the feature in order to continue Facebook’s data use restrictions. Read more.

New Instagram Ad Functionality
In a Monday update eligible for businesses in the U.S. and Turkey, Instagram shared that it will now let new advertisers create ads, promote posts, and view insights on its platform without connecting to a Facebook ad account. The platform reports that this test is independent of the current advertisers boycott of Facebook. Read more.

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