Stripes Agency 11/22/2019

Twitter’s New Political Ad Policy Is Here

Twitter’s revised ad policy is up for viewing; Facebook leans into machine learning to improve UX and advertiser ROAS alike; as TikTok usage explodes, they’re beginning to improve their advertising platform; and — surprise! — Facebook Ads Manager is getting wonkier as Black Friday approaches.


Twitter’s New Political Ad Policy Is Here

Following Jack Dorsey’s recent and largely praised political advertising limitations on Twitter, the company posted its full revised political ad policy. It introduces a new ad category labeled “cause-based advertising,” which distinguishes between political ads and using the platform to promote activism from non-politically affiliated advertisers. Read more.

Facebook Turns to Machine Learning to Improve Consumer Experience and Advertisers’ ROAS

By analyzing data and signals from the platform, Facebook machine learning can predict which message will resonate best with a user, allowing for a tailored ad experience that will benefit the consumer and advertiser alike. As explained by Facebook, machine learning can “dynamically select ad formats, creative, and text at the ad impression-level based on what might work best for the individual in question.” Read more.

Just in Time for Black Friday: Facebook Ads Manager Is “Super Wonky”

Facebook Ads Manager doesn’t have a reputation for dependability. And in recent months, some buyers report they’re “encountering numerous error messages while setting up campaigns, delayed approval times for ads (especially for dynamic creative), as well as reporting inconsistencies.” Will the platform work out the kinks in time for Black Friday? Read more.

TikTok Makes Moves to Improve Their Ad Platform

As TikTok grows, having recently surpassed the 1.5 billion app downloads mark, they’re turning their attention to building a more user-friendly ad platform. To date, ads have been placed via a largely manual ad-buying process, they are missing key features, and the amount of available support is limited. Recent developments show that TikTok will now focus on providing a more pleasant user experience, which they’ll begin by scaling their U.S. sales teams. Read more.