Stripes Agency 09/18/2020

TikTok Talk

This week, TikTok accepted Oracle’s offer, but will POTUS? Meanwhile, Google goes live with a new custom audience builder for advertisers, and Facebook announces a new merged Instagram-Facebook dashboard for small businesses. Plus, if you’re looking to improve your FB knowledge, Facebook has partnered with Coursera on a new certificate program.

Trump to Approve TikTok Sale to Oracle?
After some back and forth, TikTok has accepted an offer from Oracle to be a “trusted technology partner” and to give Oracle 20% ownership of the app. Although this partnership isn’t the full sale President Trump wanted, he’s taking the next two days to make a final decision about TikTok’s fate in the U.S. Read more.

Google’s Custom Audience Feature Goes Live
Google has officially merged what was previously custom affinity and custom intent audiences under a custom audience umbrella. Custom audiences can be built based on people with interests or purchase intentions or people who’ve searched for specific terms. The new audience settings are now available in Google Ads for Display, Discovery, Gmail, and YouTube campaigns. Read more.

Meet Facebook Business Suite
Facebook’s Business Suite is a new dashboard designed to help businesses save time by aggregating Facebook and Instagram business manager features all in one place. The new interface will be available first to small businesses but will gradually roll out to all businesses.  Read more.

Facebook’s New Coursera Certificate Program
Facebook and Coursera launched a professional certificate program offering training in applied social media tools and general marketing skills. Upon completing the program, Facebook will connect learners with various employers in hopes of helping them land a job. Read More.

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