Stripes Agency 08/14/2020

TikTok races the clock ⏰

TikTok plans to take President Trump to court. Meanwhile, YouTube stops email notifications for subscribers, Google is up against a search glitch and a DuckDuckGo study shows that Google may be facing a potential loss in the mobile market share.

TikTok Prepares to Fight Trump Over App Ban
Last week, Trump ordered a ban on TikTok that would take effect in September. The company and its U.S. employees are now planning to take Trump to court, focusing on worker rights instead of national security concerns. Read more. 

Email Notifications Hurting YouTube Watch
For users who were previously opted in to get emails about new content from their subscribed channels, YouTube will soon stop sending these emails. Reportedly, less than 0.1% of these emails were opened and users were frustrated by email-overload. Moreover, other platforms have made similar shifts and seen an in-platform engagement increases. Read more. 

Google’s Glitch Caused Huge Fluctuations in Search Results
If you noticed your Google searches were off earlier this week, perhaps here’s why: a Google glitch caused the search result quality to falter, in some cases significantly. While the glitch is now repaired, the cause of the glitch, which had world-wide effects, is still unknown. The glitch temporarily affected search results and some ad placements. Read more.

Recent DuckDuckGo Study: Google to Lose Market Share
A new Android update will allow users to choose a default search engine during phone set up, and a DuckDuckGo research study reported that 24% of people in the U.S. would opt for a non-Google search engine. DuckDuckGo predicts that Google may lose 20% of its mobile market share in the U.S. Read more.

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