Stripes Agency 11/06/2020

TikTok Becomes More Official Than Ever

This week, TikTok partners with Sony Music, making TikTok more official than ever. YouTube changes its ad-buy policy for the platform’s coveted homepage “masthead” position. Plus, Google improves its search engine’s intuition with DeepRank, a new AI-powered natural language processing algorithm.

TikTok Partners with Sony Music
TikTok just announced a new licensing deal with Sony Music that’s been in the works for months. And while the partnership gives creators access to Sony’s massive music catalog, advertisers shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate. Brands won’t have access to the catalog but will instead be limited to TikTok’s royalty-free “commercial Music Library” of sounds. *Sigh* Read more.

YouTube Adopts New Masthead Ad Policy
YouTube will soon retire the all-day-takeover option for their homepage masthead ad position. Effective in 2021, the slot will instead be available on a per-impression basis. Because it’s such a coveted placement, YouTube made the shift to make it harder for a single advertiser to dominate the ad position for a full day. Read more.

Google Is Getting Closer to Launching Their DeepRank Search Algorithm
This week Google announced they approved DeepRank for “eventual launch.” Cool, cool. But what is DeepRank? It takes AI’s natural language processing capabilities and applies them to Google’s search engine. Basically, it means that Google will interpret human terminology better than ever and become more intuitive. Read more.

💡Media Insight

Meet the search ad you’re probably not using as much as you should be.

Discovery ads.

Not ringing a bell? You’ve probably interacted with them before without knowing what they’re called.

Discovery ads are mobile-first ads that leverage a user’s browser data and search history to customize intent-based ads. Depending on the placement, Discovery ads can be text-only or include a scrollable photo gallery with captions. Like this:

Image via Search Engine Land.

Google launched these last May, yet we’ve found that many of our peers overlook Discovery placements. Which is a shame. With their intent-driven behavior, Discovery ads usually have super cheap CPMs. Plus, we’ve seen them drive actions with higher quality traffic than display.

What’s more, we’ve found the Discovery placement can lead to a similar, if not cheaper, cost-per-clicks than Facebook. Best of all, Discovery ads are highly effective in driving conversions like purchases and leads.

Pro-Tip: You can repurpose your Facebook ads for Discovery. Because of this, some advertisers might even consider Discovery as part of their social budget rather than their Google budget.

🎨 Creative Insight

It’s hard to write copy that sells.

Great copy shouldn’t feel formulaic. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a formula behind great copy. We wanted to share a method that we use to check our work. (And no, we didn’t invent this ourselves.)


It’s a good ol’ acronym to describe the flow of copy that sells: Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

You can think of it as a funnel if you’d like. Or a pyramid. Whatever suits you. (If you’re a marketer, one of these is sure to tickle your fancy. We digress.) We’re funnel people, so here:


This is both a great way to draft copy AND a great editing tool!

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