Stripes Agency 10/02/2020

The Window Is Closing…

Facebook is retiring the 28-day attribution window. Get your reporting in order, Facebook advertisers! Additionally, Facebook has unified login and payment across their suite of apps as a means to grow ecomm prowess. Plus, Pinterest has also introduced features to boost ecomm ad performance and measurement. Finally, TikTok is…still here? Yep.

Facebook Announces Change to Attribution Window
Historically, Facebook’s conversion reporting counted any event occurring within 28 days of clicking or one day of viewing an ad, defining the period as an “attribution window.” This week Facebook communicated directly to advertisers they would be archiving the 28-day attribution window feature and shifting to a 7-day attribution window. The shift makes Facebook advertiser metrics more resilient to upcoming browser data privacy changes. Read more.

Worried? We’ll break it down for you in our Media Insights👇

Facebook is Growing In-Platform Ecomm
Facebook is unifying login and payment information across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The change allows users to post content across the platforms with ease and simplifies the user payment process for in-app purchases. Less friction = More buying. Read more. 

Pinterest Pivots Toward Performance Metrics and Shoppable Features
Pinterest announced a new ad placement within visual searches as well as expanding its reporting functionality. Advertisers will now be able to see the impact of paid and organic content, view top converting Pins, turn best performing organic into ads, and track the activity funnel.  Read more. 

The Latest on the TikTok Ban
Monday was September 28 — the day TikTok was supposed to be banned. But on Sunday, a federal court ruling prevents the ban until November 12. While the legal case battles on, TikTok isn’t going anywhere. Read more.

💡Media Insights
What does saying goodbye to the Facebook 28-day attribution window mean?

The switch to a shorter 7-day attribution window means you’ll see fewer conversions attributed to Facebook off the bat. It may make results look worse than before, but that doesn’t mean they are. You just have to compare it to the previous 7-day attribution window. 

The key is: Adjust your reporting to be consistent. To be better prepared for any possible reporting drop-offs, be sure to analyze the historical difference between the different attribution windows for each client and campaign. In essence: Make sure you’re comparing like to like. 

In fact, it’s the whole “comparing like to like” thing that inspired Facebook to make the shift in the first place. With iOS14 only allowing cookies to last up to 7 days, Facebook’s shift is basically making reporting consistent across devices. 

Fear not! The attribution window shouldn’t affect optimizations or learning. In fact, marketers will be able to better determine Facebook ads’ impact in driving conversions.  

Curious to learn more? We quite agree with Jon Loomer’s post about it, here.

🎨 Creative Insight
Pro Tip: Optimize Your Creative with Facebook’s Create Mode

Don’t underestimate the value of adding motion to your image-based ad creative. We realize custom motion work isn’t always a scalable solution for smaller teams with heavy workloads. But with Facebook’s in-platform tools, not all motion graphics need to be created by a designer. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. In ads manager, while creating a new ad, you can select “Create Video,” opening Facebook’s Video Creation Kit module. The Video Creation Kit includes a selection of simple image-based templates you can add CTA copy to.
  2. Create your animated ad by selecting the template of your choice. Add images, logos, and copy.
  3. Integrate your just-created video into your ad creative.

Sure, they might not be as beautiful as more intricate custom motion graphics, but they work. In a simple test we ran last month, we saw that motion graphics lead to:

This proves that motion, no matter how simple, is more eye-catching than still image ads and will lead to more clicks on your ads. 

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