Stripes Agency 02/19/2021

The good, bad, and ugly

The land Down Under is rife with digital conflict. As Facebook plays hardball with the Aussie government, Google is raising their white flag. It’s not all unrest in the digital media landscape, though. Facebook users could soon be enjoying less politically charged news feeds, and YouTube is rolling out TikTok-style shorts to the U.S. market. 

A Less Political News Feed Is Closer Than You Think
You’re not the only one sick of political content dominating your Facebook news feed. That’s why Facebook has started testing controlled reduction of political content for a small percentage of users in Canada, Brazil, and Indonesia this week. And 🙌🏼, the U.S. is next. Read more.

YouTube ‘Shorts’ to Launch in U.S.
Since TikTok was banned in India, YouTube has filled their shoes with “Shorts,” the platform’s short-form video tool that “lets creators shoot snappy videos with nothing but their mobile phones,” says YouTube’s chief product officer, Neal Mohan. The beta has been a huge hit in India, and a U.S. rollout is coming our way. Marketers prepare! Read more. 

Google Caved to Australia, and Facebook Didn’t
As Facebook sticks it to Aussie lawmakers, Google is bending the knee. Over the past few days, Google has been signing deals with the country’s biggest publishers—thanks to pressure from The News Media Bargaining Code. Meanwhile, Facebook doesn’t capitulate.  Read more.

Facebook Throws a Punch at Australian Government
Facebook isn’t having any of the shakedown stirred up by Australian lawmakers. In a bold flex against proposed legislation that would force Big Tech to pay publishers for sharing their content, Facebook blocked the pages of hospitals, universities, unions, and government departments—keeping local users from vast swathes of useful, factual information.  Read more. 

💡 Media Insight

7-Day Click-through Window and iOS 14 Are Here

While Apple hasn’t enforced their tracking restrictions yet, Facebook has rolled out updates in preparation. We’ll run you through what we’re seeing and what you should be doing to better equip yourself. 

7-Day Click Attribution Window
While it varies by the nature of the account, we’ve found that the shift from the 28-day to 7-day click-through attribution window is not a big deal if there’s not much friction in your conversion funnel and the majority of your conversions are completed soon after the initial click or view.

With conversions that require a longer customer journey, you’ll need to analyze other data sources like Google Analytics or your CRM to see how Facebook may have played a part in influencing user actions.

Conversion Tracking
Facebook’s Conversions API could help ensure you’re not losing out on more data than necessary. It’s a good idea to get it set up alongside your pixel.

What is the Conversions API? The Conversions API allows you to share event data directly from your server to Facebook’s. 

How does it help? The Conversions API doesn’t use cookies, so web browser settings won’t affect your ability to pass data back to Facebook like they would with the pixel alone. Since all iOS 14 policies still apply, this doesn’t change that you will only be able to track eight events if a user opts-in to tracking and one event if a user opts out. But it can help ensure you’re covering any tracking gaps you’d experience with the pixel alone to make sure you’re not losing out on any additional data.

You can learn more about how to set it up here

Do you have any media questions we can answer? We’d love to hear from you! Just reply to this email and we’ll address your question in a future feature. Stay tuned! 

🎨 Creative Insight

What McDonald’s Packaging Redesign Teaches UsImage Source: Pearlfisher

By now you’re probably aware of McDonald’s packaging redesign, and we gotta say, we’re fans. It’s simple, it’s bold, and, to quote most of the Stripes’ womenfolk, “super cute.”

Superlatives aside, Mickey D’s packaging redesign jives with the Stripes team’s philosophy for illustration: (1) It’s got to communicate the brand’s essence, and (2) Less is more.

Jake Saunders, Stripes’ AD, had some high praise… 

“Love this project and how it turned out. The simplicity in the design pairs so well with the simplicity of the items that come in the packaging. It works on so many levels from the production line to the customer, and it’s incredibly well thought out.” 

Dare we say “strategic”? Uh, yeah. Consider what one health-conscious Stripes employee had to say in response to redesign: “I’m almost convinced I should try a McDonald’s hamburger!”

Who knows, maybe this will make Mickey D’s cool again. Even if it doesn’t, their packaging redesign was a W in our book. Filet-O-Fish, anyone?


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