Stripes Agency 09/25/2020

The 20% Rule Haunts Us No More

In news that excites us perhaps a disproportionate amount: Facebook has removed their 20% Text Rule on ads!! (If you know, you know.) Additionally, the TikTok deal drags on as Trump approves and China withholds their approval. Plus, don’t miss out on adding creative shortcut tools like Canva to your Business Manager page.

Facebook Removes 20% Text Rule
The 20% text rule on Facebook ads is gone. Facebook has yet to make an official announcement, but they’ve removed their specific ad text limits from their help page and their text overlay tool. Facebook will be reaching out directly to advertisers to inform them of the update. Meanwhile, copywriters and designers everywhere are rejoicing. Read more 

Trump Approves the TikTok/Oracle Deal
Trump gave his “blessing” to the Oracle/TikTok deal but there are still quite a few stumbling blocks ahead. Oracle may have to develop an entirely new algorithm for the platform, and ByteDance has not agreed to pay the $5 billion investment Trump had originally required. Finally, Trump has stated he won’t approve any deal in which Chinese ownership does not fully sell its interest in the product. Read more 

China Disapproves the TikTok/Oracle Deal
Although Trump approved the Oracle/TikTok deal, China has stated they have “no reason to approve the ‘dirty’ and ‘unfair’ deal.” It appears as though the deal is turning into a battle of regimes — and TikTok is at the center. Read more

Add These Creative Apps to Your Business Manager Account
This tweet kindly reminded us all how to abridge the creative process in a crunch: just add creative apps like Canva and Vimeo to your business manager page and leverage their templates. Go to: Business Manager Settings >> Apps >> Add creative apps such a Canva or Vimeo, etc. You’ll thank us.  Read more 

💡Media Tip
YouTube Works as a Complement to Facebook

Unlike Facebook, on YouTube you can target people based on the kinds of information they expressed explicitly through their search history. The Google Ads network’s “custom audiences” are based on the way people use Google, so anyone who’s shown an interest in a related subject can be targeted with a YouTube ad.

In the instance of one particular client, our testing mentality led to a discovery: YouTube can be a powerful direct response lead generation engine.

Make sure you’re leveraging YouTube to the fullest extent. We’ve got a whitepaper to show you how. Fill out the form below to download:

🎨 Creative Insight
Do More with Less

We looked into the top advertiser on Facebook and Instagram in 2020 thus far to see what best-performing ad creative looks like. It’s brilliant in its simplicity:

While much of the top-performing ad creative on Facebook and Instagram is video-based content, this ad alone drove 9.9 billion impressions with a $7.5 million spend from 12/5/19 to 5/20/20. That’s under a cent per impression, with enough impressions to be seen by each person in the U.S. three times. Whoa.

Compared to most ads, this simple link ad could even be described as sparse. There’s so little going on, the consumer can absorb everything they need to know at a glance.

The newsfeed is a battleground for attention. What this Disney ad shows us: What might win your audience’s attention is less content, not more.


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