Stripes Agency 08/28/2020

Spotify makes lemonade 🍋

This week, some reverse engineering reveals Spotify is making lemonade out of COVID 19 lemons by exploring virtual concerts. Meanwhile, an impending iOS update threatens Facebook’s Audience Network and TikTok reveals its Daily Active User count for the first time. Plus, LinkedIn makes a delayed entrance to the platform content regulation party. Welcome.

Spotify Exploring Live Event Alternatives: Virtual Concert
Amidst the pandemic, many artists who rely on live performances for revenue are hurting and Spotify is testing a solution: ticketed virtual music events. The feature, leaked by a reverse engineer, adds an “Upcoming Virtual Events” tab to an artist’s profile. This new venture opens up a world of possibilities and the question: Is there a path to virtual events in the long term? Read more.

iOS Update Threatens Facebook’s Audience Network Performance
Facebook anticipates next month’s iOS 14 launch may hurt Audience Network performance. Currently, many of Facebook’s Audience Network relies on Apple’s “Identifier for Advertisers.” iOS 14 will limit an advertiser’s ability to track a user’s activity from app to app, therefore rendering Audience Network ineffective on iOS 14. Facebook has promised to continue conversations with Apple to find a path to rectify the situation for its advertising partners. Read more.

Just How Big is TikTok Anyways?
In their countersuit against the US government this week TikTok revealed actual user counts: 100 million monthly active users and 50 million Daily Active Users (DAU) in the US, loosely one fourth the size of Facebook DAU and half the size of Snapchat DAU. In other notable TikTok news, Microsoft remains the frontrunner for purchasing the app and US CEO Kevin Mayer resigned after a 100-plus-day tenure. Read more.

LinkedIn Joins the Party: Raising the Bar for Content Regulations
In a press release earlier this week, LinkedIn announced they were raising the bar for “safe conversations,” citing a rise in sensitive topics addressed on its platform and emphasizing its dedication to making sure “conversations stay constructive and respectful, never harmful.” That means they’re going to scale their usage of AI to vet, and as necessary, ban user profiles who don’t comply with what’s outlined in the LinkedIn Fairness Toolkit (LiFT). Read more.

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