Stripes Agency 10/23/2020

Oh, Snap! The 👻 Makes a Spooky Comeback.

Snapchat’s Q3 revenue report showed a shocking 52% growth YoY. Instagram is encouraging creators to keep producing content with badges that allow their fans to easily donate money to their favorite creators. Plus, Facebook is officially getting rid of Waterfall-Based ad buying in Q2 2021. Finally, Google has rolled out a new Analytics system to make way for great things…

Did You See Snapchat’s 3Q Earnings Report? 
On Tuesday, Snapchat reported Q3 revenue of $679 million—a whopping 52% jump from their reported revenue from the same time last year. Plus, Snap reports a 19% increase in usage since last year, and since August their stock prices have already jumped 30%. Read more.

Instagram Caters to Content Creators
Instagram is adding new badges for Instagram Live broadcasts. The badges, which viewers can purchase for $0.99 to $4.99, offer an easy way for viewers to donate to the creator. Eventually, Instagram plans to take a cut of the revenue — but for now, they’re doing everything they can to encourage creators to keep that stream of content flowing. Read more.

Welcome to the Future of Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4 is now available. A first step in evolving beyond Universal Analytics, the new release is an expansion of App + Web property and offers new features like deeper audience integration with Google Ads, customer-centric measurement reports, codeless event tracking, and more granular controls for ads personalization. Google is working to provide a better, cross-channel view of the customer lifecycle and actively looking forward to a cookie-less world. Read more.

Goodbye to Facebook’s Waterfall-Based Ad Buying
Facebook has accelerated its plans to switch to bidding-only due to Apple’s impending IDFA changes, which will begin in early 2021. According to Facebook, waterfall management will only get more confusing on iOS 14 because ad network performance on historical CPMs won’t necessarily indicate future success. Read more.


💡Media Insight

Manual Reporting Saves the Day!

You might remember that late last month Google Ads reduced visibility for search terms in reporting, and many advertisers saw a pretty huge drop in search terms. Ugh. 

You might also be one of the many buyers who think that the move on Google’s part is a bit shady. It’s even been described by some as “egregious.” But before we cast judgment…

Here’s how it works: The modified search term report only reports on keywords with “high volume.” But what does “high volume” mean? Google hasn’t defined it.  All we know is that people across PPC have started to report at least a 20% decrease in their search terms report volume. This is pretty significant considering that you’re paying for data, yet the new report effectively prohibits advertisers to properly target keywords or negate keywords if they can’t see what they are.

So, are we fans? As you can tell: Nope! While Google claimed to implement the new rule based on “privacy” concerns, it’s more likely that they don’t want their advertisers to see how many poorly matched search terms they’re paying for. Because without a full search terms report, you could be showing up for something you don’t want. They won’t tell you, and Google profits.

But wait! There’s good news!

On a positive note, there’s a slight workaround. You can find your search terms if you’re willing to do a bit of manual reporting: Go to Google Analytics > Acquisition Report > All Traffic > Source/Medium > Select Google/CPC > Select Secondary Dimension and Select Search Query…

TA-DA! 🎉 This gives you your search terms!

Yes, it’s a work-around, but at least you still get the data and you can go back to removing or adding in keywords that you see.

🎨 Creative Insight

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