Stripes Agency 04/17/2020

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This week in paid social we see new shopping offers from Pinterest, shifts in advertising policies, and new features from multiple platforms. Twitter expands user-data sharing with advertisers and Reddit increases transparency surrounding political ads. Meanwhile, YouTube shares its all-new ‘Video Builder’ with small businesses that hope to produce video ads quickly. And Facebook offers a new ‘Quiet Mode’ feature to help its users pursue balance.


Pinterest Offers Pinners a New Way to Shop
Pinterest announced a new Shop tab to improve pinners’ experience of finding in-stock items from retailers. The platform shared that the feature is a way to help small businesses, since “97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning people come to Pinterest to shop for generic terms and not specific brands, leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to be discovered.” Read more.

Twitter Expands User Data-Sharing
While recent trends have seemed to exclusively ramp up user data privacy, Twitter’s most recent data-sharing policy goes against the grain. The platform will now be sharing your unique device ID in order to optimize cross-platform ad performance. Read more. 

Reddit Leaves Open Comments for Day-Long Period on all Political Ads
In an effort to promote transparency, Reddit announced a new political advertising policy this week mandating all political campaigns to leave comments open on ads for the first 24 hours. To supplement the transparency efforts, Reddit also rolled out a new subreddit, r/RedditPoliticalAds, which outlines all pertinent information about political advertisers. Read more.

Youtube Expands Business Access to ‘Video Builder’ Feature
With more businesses than ever shuttered due to COVID-19, YouTube has expanded access to its free video tool, Video Builder. For businesses wishing to build attractive video ads quickly, the tool allows users to leverage templates and stock music to create engaging content using their own still images and videos. Read more.

Is Facebook Too Distracting? Its All-New ‘Quiet Mode’ Might Help.
Your quarantined-self might be spending too much time on Facebook, and Facebook knows it. As a time management aid, the platform added Quiet Mode to help with balance. When turned on, Quiet Mode mutes notifications and prompts reminders to limit time on the app. Read more.

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