Stripes Agency 07/17/2020

No more political FB ads?

Will Facebook do away with political ads entirely prior to the election? Only time will tell. This week the White House accelerated its investigation into TikTok’s user data security policies, and Snapchat released a beta test of a new feature to help brands increase their presence on the platform. Meanwhile, Twitter experienced one of its biggest-ever hacks.

Facebook Considers Banning Political Ads
According to recent reports from Facebook insiders, the network is considering banning political ads in advance of the November election. For years Facebook has received pressure to change its stance on free speech on the platform, with Zuckerberg emphasizing that “the company was not an arbiter of truth.” However, a two-year independent audit of Facebook’s policies revealed the company fell short of protecting users from discriminatory paid and organic content. Read more.

White House Accelerates TikTok Probe
The US government is concerned about TikTok user data security and any resulting national security risk implications. The fear: Chinese-owned TikTok is subject to China’s national intelligence law, whereby the government can forcibly compel tech companies to share user data. So TikTok recently appointed an American CEO in an attempt to separate themselves from their parent company. TikTok also promised they would never share data with the Chinese government. Read more.

NEW Snapchat Adds Brand Profiles
Snapchat announced the beta test of a feature for businesses this week, called ‘Brand Profiles.’ Brands can now showcase branded AR Lenses, highlights of their best content, featured Story posts, and a Native Store where users can browse and make in-app purchases. Read more.

Major Twitter Accounts Hacked
On Wednesday, the Twitter accounts of some of the world’s best-known names — including Elon Musk, Kanye West, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Kim Kardashian West, and Bill Gates — were hacked and pushed out tweets requesting their millions of followers to send money to a Bitcoin address. Twitter is still conducting an investigation into the hack, but early reports show the hacker had access to internal systems and tools. Read more.

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