Stripes Agency 03/05/2021

🎉No More Ad Ban 🎉

After more than four months of on-again, off-again policy changes around political and social issue-based advertising, Facebook’s prohibitions are finally lifted. As digital marketers try to adjust, Google announces updates to its cookie policy and Twitter toys with online shopping.

Political Advertising Is Back in Action
Facebook’s political ad ban appeared out of nowhere — upending campaign strategies and fundraising programs for both parties and political businesses. And as quickly as the ban came, it went. As of Thursday, March 4, the prohibition is over, and digital marketers are yet again scrambling to keep up with the erratic policy changes. Read more.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles
Google recently announced the gradual phase-out of third-party cookies, which sparked a lot of industry speculation and discussion. Yesterday, the search giant provided some clarification. Despite rumors of trading cookies for other forms of monitoring, Google doesn’t plan to maintain the same level of individual data tracking once cookies are gone. Read more. 

Twitter Shopping Coming Soon
With eCommerce on the rise, the growing expectation is that in-platform “shopabilty” will become the norm. Twitter is rising to the occasion. Last week during its Analyst Day presentation, the platform pointed to several eCommerce projects in development, which purportedly include “Shop” buttons in tweets, as well as in-platform stores and other tools. Read more.

💡 Media Insight

Campaign Build Checkup

Are you overloading your campaigns with ad creative? 

While it’s great to test audiences, with Facebook’s campaign budget optimization you can easily slice up your budget too many ways to the detriment of your results.

Here are some best practices from our media team: 

– Limit each campaign to 5 ad sets. If each ad set isn’t getting 50 conversions a week, you’re using too many. Cut back.
– Limit 8 creatives per ad set, preferably less if you have a smaller budget.

Point is: Audience Segmentation comes at a cost. Stay within the guardrails outlined above. 


🎨 Creative Insight

Behold the Power of “Fastvertising”

By this point, no one in marketing or advertising really needs an education on what “fastvertising” is, thanks to Dead Pool — we mean, Ryan Reynolds.

But the truth is, you don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister like Reynolds to make fastvertising work for you. You just need to follow his advice: “move quickly on an idea and execute it quickly while it’s still in the zeitgeist.”

Scrappy > Produced

Paid social has changed the way creative teams conceive and execute work, and it’s not always the most produced creative that wins. In fact, sometimes it’s the scrappy ad creative that does best. Why? 

Social media advertising is an opportunity to show your brand’s more authentic and—dare we say—cool side. Your brand doesn’t always have to be perfectly polished to be compelling. 

Clear evidence of this lies in the results from a set of ads Stripes pushed last election season, which included one highly produced video ad and another scrappier video, a clever mashup of organic video content. The scrappy video mashup that we repurposed for ad creative won… by a LOT. 

Over the same period of time, the scrappy video had a 61% better ROAS and drove 351% more subscriptions: 

Produced Video Ad

2.92 ROAS

410 Subscriptions

Scrappy Video Ad

4.71 ROAS

1,850 Subscriptions

Does this mean the days of 6-month-long production schedules and 2-week shoots are over? Far from it. What it
does mean is the days of needing to be quick and nimble with your social advertising are here to stay.While the produced video ad was perhaps better looking and more impressive from a design standpoint, the scrappy video ad resonated with the target audience more. While both videos were targeted at driving subscriptions, the results say it all. 

So figure out if fastvertising could work for your clients, and dive on in. If done right, your bottom line will thank you.

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