Stripes Agency 01/08/2021

New Year, New Hurdles

Happy 2021. With the new year comes some exciting updates to digital media ad placements and its fair share of challenges for advertisers. Let’s dive in!

Google is in the process of adding short-form video carousels to search—so Instagram and TikTok content creators could start seeing more traffic on their content. Facebook, which claimed to be a champion for small businesses against Apple, is now receiving backlash for bad customer service… towards small businesses advertisers. Awkward. Also, Maryland might be the first in the nation to introduce a digital ad tax. Finally, TikTok’s legal battles might not be over—this time they’re facing challenges for tracking underage user data and for having a growing influence on minors. Yikes.

Google Rolls Out Short-From Video Carousel Search Results
Short-form video content is gaining popularity, and Google is jumping on the bandwagon. Among selected queries, relevant Instagram and TikTok video shorts are now showing up in search results. For content creators, this could be another powerful tool to help get their content on Google’s front page. Read more.

Facebook Gets Backlash from Small Advertisers
After Facebook accused Apple of trying to hurt small business advertisers with its new iOS update, small advertisers are claiming Facebook’s customer service doesn’t favor small businesses. Facebook recently updated their Help Center, but it didn’t address some of the main concerns coming from small businesses: namely, Facebook’s lack of assistance tools and arbitrary or incorrect account suspensions. Read more.

Maryland Might Be the First to Introduce a Digital Ad Tax Google
During Maryland’s General Assembly next week, the state legislature will consider passing a first-in-the-nation digital advertising tax. Although the tax is hotly debated, those in favor argue that big tech must do their part to support civic infrastructure—whereas those opposed believe the tax will be passed onto local businesses in the form of higher prices. Read more.

TikTok’s Latest Legal Challenge
TikTok is facing scrutiny once again, but this time it’s due to its influence on young users and the data tracking of minors. Lawsuits have been filed across the world concerning a lack of child protection and international data security. While TikTok has plenty of incentive to address these concerns, the platform’s unwavering success isn’t guaranteed. Read more.

💡 Media Insight

Got Trouble Scaling? Try a Twitter Conversion Campaign.

If you have a niche audience or lack a substantial volume of first-party data and are having trouble scaling direct response campaigns on other platforms, you might consider launching a Twitter conversion campaign.

Here are some best practices we recommend following in your initial setup:

  1. Utilize follower lookalikes and keyword targeting to go after new prospects. You can use any Twitter account out there as a lookalike base, along with selective keywords for a highly tailored audience.
  2. Implement a remarketing audience. Even if your audience isn’t very large, you want to make sure you’re not losing out on any high-intent users.
  3. Make sure Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) is turned off. If enabled, TAP will expand your reach by delivering your ads on apps outside of Twitter. While it will significantly lower your cost per click, it will eat up the majority of your budget with low-quality traffic. Twitter will still likely deliver a lower CPC than other platforms, even with TAP disabled.


🎨 Creative Insight

2021 Design Trends You Should Look For

We know we shouldn’t test our luck for making predictions coming out of a year like 2020, but we were feeling bold and optimistic. Sooo… our art director, Jake Saunders, sat down and gave some thought to the design trends he anticipates seeing being the major players this year.

He sees a lot of hand lettering, 90’s geometric shapes, serif fonts, and a whole lot more… Check out the full piece below:

A Look Ahead: 2021 Design Trends




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