Tommy Swanson 09/04/2019

New Look, Same Stripes

Growing out of things can be bittersweet. There’s a tension in balancing honoring where we come from and embracing where we’re headed. We feel that. Stripes is growing, and this growth has us trying on a whole new look.

If you’re reading this, you’ve arrived at our freshly redesigned website. Take a minute to soak it all in. 

There are new splashes of color, new typefaces, and even some new features. Look, Mom, we’re blogging! 

The blog will host content from our team that serves as inspiration for marketers of all stripes (see what I did there?) and that will make you feel even more empowered in partnering with us to build your brand. Sign up for our monthly-ish newsletter to stay in the know. 

All of this new new is an expression of the buzzing energy we feel as an agency. We couldn’t contain it if we tried. With the launch of a new office in LA, amazing new team members coming aboard and an ever-growing roster of incredible clients, it’s hard to convey just how much of a milestone year this has been for us. We seriously couldn’t be more excited — and we hope the new look says just that.

All in all, we’re still the same Stripes you know and love — just rocking a new look.

Tommy Swanson

Tommy is the President and co-founder of Stripes. He is a serial entrepreneur, having sold his first business to a technology holdings company at just 16. After working as a direct-response marketer, Tommy founded Stripes with the desire to merge the art and science of marketing within one agency. He has contributed to publications such as CNN, Mashable, The Washington Times, Recode, American Express OPEN Forum, among others. And he is a fan of Old Fashioneds and Facebook’s Reporting API, in that order.