Stripes Agency 10/16/2020

Meet Facebook’s New Audience Expansion 🎯

This week, Google added YouTube into the attribution reporting fold, introduced Conversion Lift measurements, AND lowered data requirements for data-driven attribution. Plus, Facebook Messenger takes on a new look with fun new features and adopts cross-app communication with Instagram. Also, Amazon’s Sponsored Display ads are now customizable with a header and logo.

Google Includes YouTube in Ads Attribution Reporting
On Monday, Google announced several exciting new measurement updates. They’re adding cross-network attribution reporting for YouTube. They’re in the beta process of adding Conversion Lift measurement. And they’ve lowered the data requirements for data-driven attribution to 3,000 ad interactions and at least 300 conversions in the past 30 days. Read more.
Facebook Messenger Gets a Facelift
Not only is Messenger getting visual updates — a new icon, colors, themes, stickers, and reactions — they’re also adopting cross-app communication with Instagram. This update will be rolled out to users automatically. Is this combination between Instagram and Facebook messaging going to make it the most popular messaging app? Only time will tell. Read more.
Amazon Sponsored Display Is Now Customizable
Earlier this month, Amazon announced Sponsored Display ads can be customized with a headline and logo. The custom headline and logo can appear alongside product description pages, customer reviews, shopping results pages, or under the Featured Offer. And you can build, preview, and edit headlines as part of product targeting campaign management. Read more.
💡Media Insight
Facebook Adds ‘Lookalike Expansion’ Targeting

If you’re someone who builds out campaigns in the Facebook ad platform daily, you might’ve noticed there’s a new ‘Lookalike Expansion’ option. (If that sounds like you but you didn’t notice, it might be because it’s not there. Not everyone has access to it quite yet — Facebook is rolling it out on an individual user basis this month.)

Here’s what it looks like:

Because Facebook has yet to issue a press release about it, we asked one of our Facebook Reps about the feature:

How does it work?

Well, Expansion allows you to reach people outside your selected lookalike audiences. The Lookalike Expansion won’t go beyond the age, gender, language, or location selections in your ad set and doesn’t apply to audiences you are excluding. But, it finds users outside of the lookalike audience who may be more likely to take the action you’re optimizing for based on the signals of your target lookalike audience.

Basically, it helps the algorithm find more people who are likely to take your intended action. Sound familiar? Facebook rolled out a similar feature for interest targeting last year, called Detailed Targeting Expansion.

Do we recommend it?

Yep. We’re really big fans of machine learning and it hasn’t failed us yet. For instance, last year after Detailed Targeting Expansion was released and we turned it on, all of our interest targeting ad sets saw huge increases in performance. So, we’re expecting the same with the Lookalike Expansion. Fingers crossed.

🎨 Creative Insight
Tip: Spy More. Then Innovate.

We’ve found the best way to skip a learning curve is to look at other brands who are killing it and pull inspiration.

With the Facebook Ad Library, it’s possible to maintain a close eye on what other brands (and competitors) are doing on Facebook. It’s a gold mine.

Here’s some recent ad creative from some brands we keep an eye on:

1. Papier


2. The New York Times
3. Away


Why We Love Them

In our eyes, all three advertisers exemplify what all social advertisers should be doing: Ad creative designed to live within social platforms. These don’t look like TV spots cropped for Instagram; these are social-first ads following social best practices.

Each graphic has simple movement, costs near-nothing, is quick to produce, and leverages minimal-to-no copy to keep the message simple and grabby.

Brands like these keep our ideas fresh. We hope they inspire you, too.

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