Stripes Agency 07/24/2020

LinkedIn and Snapchat Continue to Grow

Quarterly performance reports show growth for LinkedIn and Snapchat, while Facebook creates task forces to address any racial biases within its platforms’ algorithm. Meanwhile, Google is catering its latest ad placements to more visual top-of-funnel ads for online shoppers.

LinkedIn Quarterly Report Shows Revenue, Sessions Up 
LinkedIn usage is up, showing a 27% growth in Sessions and a 10% growth in revenue, according to its Q2 performance report. Perhaps LinkedIn usage is up due to the market downturn and rises in unemployment as people seek to network during their job search? Read more.

Snapchat Q2 Performance Report: More Users, More Revenue
Snapchat’s latest quarterly performance report shows positive signs for continued growth on the platform. In April-June, the platform added 9MM daily active users, making its current DAU 238MM. Wowza. Read more.

Facebook, Instagram Launch Internal Anti-Racial Bias Task Force
In response to a third-party audit of Facebook’s racial bias, the platform has formed two task forces, one for Facebook and another for Instagram, to examine equality and inclusion. The teams will examine how minority users in the U.S. are affected by the platforms’ algorithms since the third-party report hadn’t assessed algorithms, and since they weren’t given access to any internal research/models. Read more.

Google Introduces New Visual Placements
Google has announced new features for advertisers looking to attract shoppers, including Image Extensions, enhancements to its Smart Shopping campaigns, and some upgrades to display ad visuals. The improvements indicate Google’s desire to keep its ad product offerings relevant to advertisers who might turn to alternate platforms like Facebook to attract top-of-funnel prospects. Read more.

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