Stripes Agency 10/30/2020

Hey, neighbor! 👋 Meet the Latest Feature from Facebook

This week Facebook introduced its “Neighborhoods” feature (which is suspiciously similar to the social app Nextdoor). Plus, LinkedIn is seeing an increase in users and engagement due to the rise in demand for jobs. And finally, TikTok has partnered with Shopify—further establishing itself as an advertiser platform that plans to stick around.

Welcome to Facebook’s ‘Neighborhoods’
Facebook is rolling out their Neighborhood tab that will guide you to your neighborhood group, prompt you to make your neighborhood profile, and connect you with your community. Facebook’s Neighborhood launch comes shortly after the social app Nextdoor saw a surge in users due to COVID-19. Read more. 

LinkedIn Engagement Climbs
Although LinkedIn cut 6% of its global workforce back in July due to a lack of activity, they’re quickly seeing a comeback. LinkedIn is now up to 722 million users worldwide, which is a big jump from the 67.5 million they reported back in January. They’ve also seen a 16% rise in revenue due to increased ad spend. Read more.  

TikTok Partners with Shopify
With the TikTok ban behind us, TikTok is refocusing their efforts to drive in-app ecomm. To help make the process for advertisers easier, they’ve partnered with Shopify. Just like Shopify’s partnerships with Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest, Shopify merchants can now create and manage TikTok campaigns directly within Shopify’s dashboard. The partnership further substantiates TikTok as an advertiser platform and signals it’s here to stay. Read more.

Reminder 🇺🇸 The Facebook election ban is in effect and Google is “temporarily pausing” political ads after Nov. 3. Neither platform has indicated when their political ad bans will end.

💡Media Insight

For the Multichannel Marketer: How to Measure Facebook Success

A common struggle for marketers managing a multichannel media mix is the concern social spend isn’t contributing to results. It often takes the form of thoughts like “All my purchases come from email sends or direct traffic! My Facebook campaigns are useless!” 

We’ve dabbled in existential doubt before, too. We get it. It’s natural. But you don’t have to live like this. We recommend getting answers. The solution: Run a conversion lift study!

A Facebook conversion lift study is tailored to you if you’re already spending $25k over a 4-week period. Facebook can run a lift test to find if your ads are driving incremental conversions compared to a test group. You should look into it.

(Hint: If you’re driving incremental conversions your Facebook spend is probably worth it.)

Yes, it’s a work-around, but at least you still get the data and you can go back to removing or adding in keywords that you see.

🎨 Creative Insight

Get to the Heart of Branding

In the age of digital, competition is higher than ever. Odds are you’re struggling to break through the sea of sameness. You’re different. You know that. But how do you make it clear to the consumer? 

Identify your Brand Essence. 

We’re digital marketers. As such, we spend more time interpreting brands and breathing new (digital) life into them than developing the brands themselves. Of late, we’ve found running a Brand Essence exercise at the start of any engagement, whether internally or with the client, makes a strong foundation for every campaign to follow. 

What is it? 

A Brand Essence is a special emotional ground your brand owns. It communicates who you are, the vision you represent, and it speaks to your brand’s value prop. 

We borrowed the methodology we use from Scott Bedbury, the brand mastermind behind household names like Nike and Starbucks. Bedbury defines branding as “everything you think about a company, a product, a person.” 

The goal of a Brand Essence exercise is to distill your brand into three words: your Emotion, Value (or Category), and Product. We like to think of a Brand Essence as a plumb line for a brand’s messaging and creative, although it’s not a phrase we’d ever use as a tagline or in a campaign.

Here are some Brand Essence examples from Bedbury’s roster: 

What’s your Brand Essence? Give it a go! 

This article is a good resource to get your creative wheels turning, and we’re always here to help massage your Brand Essence to make your brand come to life and cut through the clutter on digital platforms. 


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