Stripes Agency 05/15/2020

Have you met FOB?

This week in paid social, we’ll take a closer look at Facebook’s Oversight Board. In short, FOB is looking fab. (In all seriousness, read our POV below if you’re concerned about bias.) Meanwhile, Google takes another step away from 3PD, and LinkedIn introduces a polling feature.

Meet Facebook’s Oversight Board
Last week, Facebook announced the first 20 out of an eventual 40 members of its Oversight Board, which will function as Facebook’s ‘Supreme Court.’ The group boasts an impressive pedigree, including a Nobel Peace Prize winner and constitutional law experts whose role will be to evaluate what kind of content and free speech the platform should allow. Read more.

At first glance, Facebook’s Oversight Board seems a bit like the Supreme Court. But for social, the board will hear select cases, which means that — like in our courts — most ad issues will continue to be resolved at much lower levels. It remains to be seen if the board’s decisions will set precedents for all advertisers. Are you worried the board will be biased? Press releases have touted the board members’ geographic and professional diversity. A bit of further digging revealed there’s decent representation of different political and philosophical ideologies as well.

Carolyn Mackenzie, Senior Account Manager

Google Introduces ‘Privacy Sandbox’ as It Moves Away from Third-Party Data Google plans to review ‘Privacy Sandbox’ proposals in order to test replacing third-party cookies with less data-invasive solutions. While little is known about the timeline and other specifics regarding these tests, we do know that back in April, Google posted on GitHub something about ‘bid request signal experiments.’ And since then, Google has partnered with a few ad tech companies. Read more.

LinkedIn Launches New Poll Feature
Earlier this week, LinkedIn shared a new feature rollout: polling! It functions like the poll feature on other platforms: you simply select ‘Create Poll’ in the post creator, ask a question, and select up to four responses. LinkedIn promises polls are ‘a great way to get relevant and informed input, while also sparking new conversations.’ Read more.

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