Stripes Agency 11/25/2020

Failure to Launch.

Twitter officially jumped on the stories (err, Fleets) bandwagon, but they still have some troubleshooting to do. Plus, another lawsuit is being filed against Facebook. Meanwhile, YouTube updated their Terms & Conditions so they can insert ads into non-monetized content. And finally, Snapchat is making big steps to compete with TikTok.

Twitter Fleets Are Here—Maybe?
A few months ago Twitter announced they’d be releasing their own version of stories called… wait for it… Fleets. Last week Twitter finally released Fleets, but now a technical bug is threatening to slow down the full rollout. Read more.

Facebook Faces Legal Challenges… Again.
A group of state attorneys is filing an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook over its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. What happens next is anybody’s guess. But, Facebook reportedly continues to build its “lobbying army” so a battle seems likely. Read more.

Creators Be Warned: YouTube Is Inserting Ads into Non-Monetized Content
YouTube used to let content creators choose whether they wanted ads in their content or not… but not anymore. As of last week, YouTube announced that even if you’re not a part of YPP (YouTube Partner Program), the platform can insert ads anyway—you just won’t get any revenue unless you sign up for YPP. Read more.

Snapchat’s Looking to Compete with TikTok
Snapchat added music features last month—and now they’ve launched a new feed called “Spotlight” that looks a lot like TikTok’s “For You” feed. This move is Snapchat’s biggest attempt at competing with TikTok and it’s willing to kickstart with direct payments. Read more.

💡 Media Insight
Why You Should Try App Downloads for Lead Generation 

We all know that in the typical acquisition funnel, the aim of lead generation campaigns is to acquire names. These names are typically emails so you can communicate with a prospective customer and try to sell them or convert them later on.

Great. But did you know that app downloads can work the same way as lead generation?  

With an app download, you have the equivalent of email or text marketing with in-app offers and push notifications. PLUS you can track people who open your app and use it to get even better segments for remarketing based on behavior.

App downloads are a form of lead generation that produces better quality prospects because they tend to be easier to access. By downloading the app, your leads show they’re already willing to engage and show a higher level of intent than just giving their name or number.

Best of all, we’ve found the cost per download can be better or similar to a cost per lead while converting to a downstream action, such as a purchase, at a much higher rate. 

Give it a try and let us know if it works!

🎨 Creative Insight

The power of urgency in direct response creative.

The biggest job of any marketer isn’t just convincing people why they should buy, click, or give, but rather why they should buy, click, or give now.

Sure, stated benefits are powerful, as are FOMO, UGC, and user testimonies. But those are more indirect ways of getting people to stop and take action.

One of the most direct and powerful motivators of response (what we might argue is the most powerful motivator of response) is urgency. And we’re not talking about some faux, made-up sense of urgency or yelling “Hurry up!” at people. 

We’re talking about tastefully and authentically adding a sense of urgency that motivates people to respond. Like, right now.

If you’re marketing a product or service, maybe it’s creating (and repeating often) a promo offer that’s deadlined. If you’re a fundraiser, maybe it means leveraging natural “deadlines” like calendar year-end or the organization’s fiscal year-end to amp up the urgency.

However you create a sense of urgency is up to you. But it has to be believable and it has to be repeated—a lot.

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