Stripes Agency 09/04/2020

Facebook’s Election Promise 🇺🇸

This week, Facebook announces a ban on new political ads in the final days leading up to the election. Meanwhile, digital ad spend is booming YoY, despite overall ad spend taking a hit. Google rolls out new ad features to help advertisers drive qualified leads, and China throws a wrench in any pending TikTok acquisition deals…

For Facebook, the Days Leading up to Election Day Won’t Be ‘Business As Usual’
In an effort to protect itself from further political misconduct accusations, Facebook has announced it will bar new political ads from launching new political ads on Facebook and Instagram in the final days leading up to election day, beginning October 27. The rule will not affect any existing political ads, for which advertisers will still be able to modify spend and targeting. Read more.


“The policy shouldn’t be problematic for political advertisers who put in the time to plan ahead. 

In sum: The policy prevents changes on the ad level (i.e. newly uploaded or changes to creative, URL destination, etc.) from being launched after October 27th. 

To our political advertiser friends, here’s what you should know: 

You should be prepared for your campaigns to launch ahead of time, allowing Facebook to update its ad archive in order to allow more transparency during the waning days of the election season. 

Creative has to be locked and loaded before October 27, regardless of whether inventory was purchased ahead of time. This also applies to any reserve buys that are set to launch after October 27th, even if creative is locked in before.

After October 27, you can still adjust the budget, targeting, ad bids afterward, but will be limited from creating new campaigns or ads. 

The takeaway? Plan ahead and determine what ads you want to run leading to election day. Test your creative beforehand, so you can upload your finalized creative with confidence.” 

Jack Grubner, Senior Planner 

Advertising Industry Forecast: Total Ad Spend Down, Digital Ad Spend Up
2020 has been a tumultuous year for us all. A recent survey of 242 media buyers conducted by IAB projects U.S. ad spend will be down 8% for 2020, but digital will be up 6% year over year. These changes show traditional media budgets taking huge hits, whereas the budgets for paid search and paid social are up. Read more. 

Google: How to Drive Qualified COVID-Era Leads
For businesses seeking to attract new leads, Google suggests offering various communication methods, citing a March 2020 study’s findings that “one in three shoppers would rather buy from a company that provides a wide range of ways to reach them.” As a response, Google has developed call ads and lead form extensions. Additionally, Google has improved the process for tracking offline conversions, leveraging data from lead form submissions. Read more. 

China’s New Restriction Stalls TikTok Sale
Last Friday, China announced technologies such as algorithms will require a license from Chinese commerce authorities in order to be exported. Thus, it is yet to be determined if China will allow the sale of TikTok with its algorithm, and, consequently, if U.S. bidders would be interested in TikTok without its algorithm. Read more. 

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