Stripes Agency 11/13/2020

Facebook and Google Extend Political Ad Bans

The election is behind us, but Facebook and Google continue their political ad ban. For now. Surprise surprise, Twitter is adding more warning pop-ups. But the good news for TikTok—they’re projected to hit 1.2B active users in 2021! And finally, Google says Page Experience will affect ranking starting in May 2021.

Still No Political Ads For Facebook and Google
Both Google and Facebook halted all political ads for the election. And now, ten days after the election, both sites have confirmed their bans are remaining in place.  Read more.

⚠️Twitter Is Adding More Warning Labels⚠️
Twitter is expanding its warning label policy to flag potentially untrue claims. Now they’re testing a new warning pop-up when a user attempts to Like a disputed tweet. Turns out, these warning labels have a significant impact on user behavior. More pop-up warnings likely means a major reduction in user engagement. Read more.

TikTok Is Set to Top 1.2B Active Users
TikTok has been through the wringer this year, but that doesn’t seem to have affected their upward trajectory. The app has nearly tripled in size since 2018, and App Annie predicts in 2021 TikTok not only will join the 1B monthly active user club (alongside Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube and WeChat), but also will extend past it to 1.2B. Read more.

May 2021: Google Prioritizes Mobile-First Browsing
Coming in May 2021, Google will rank search results based on a site’s “page experience.” That means Google will rank sites on mobile-first optimizations, page speed, and page security. If your site meets requirements—great! If not, sorry… it might get bumped down the search page. Read more.

💡Media Insight

Pssst. Here’s a Reporting Hack

Most of our agency peers are probably well aware of the gem-of-an-automation tool called Supermetrics. (They’re not paying us to say this, but maybe they should.)

Supermetrics is a reporting automation tool that pulls in data from digital ad platforms, web analytics tools, and CRMs and connects them to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. It’s a simple dashboarding tool that integrates as a side panel in your Google Sheet and looks like this:

We use it and love it.

Stripes uses Supermetrics’ Google Sheets connector to build client performance snapshots and internal dashboards that help us monitor and keep a pulse on all of our campaigns in one centralized location. 

It’s great because… 

 – Supermetrics means less manual data pulling, fewer mistakes, and more time freed up to actually make our campaigns better. 

 – The custom dashboards you build in Google Sheets with Supermetrics can be set to refresh automatically on an hourly basis so you can stay on top of the latest performance updates and fluctuations.

 – When pulling queries, you can apply various filters to pare down your data set and split by different dimensions to automatically aggregate/pivot your data, removing the need to build your own pivot tables.

If you’re a cross-channel marketer, Supermetrics makes reporting much more efficient and allows for more timely optimizations and data-backed decision-making.

We’d recommend it to… 

This is a great tool for agencies and in-house marketers to leverage if you’re regularly working in and pulling data from several different digital marketing platforms.

🎨 Creative Insight

Ugly Can Be Beautiful.

When it comes to direct response creative, we’ve found it’s not the most beautiful ads that always perform the best. In fact, it’s often the exact opposite. Why is this, you ask? 

Beautifully written or designed ads can often feel “over-baked” and can come across as fake. And in a climate where distrust in Big Tech, the media, and the government is at an all-time high, no one can afford to be insincere or disconnected from their audience.

Like it or not, direct response is in an advertising category all its own, and not all the same rules apply. And while there’s room for sex appeal at the top of the funnel, when it comes to conversions, what’s most important is telling people what the product or service is, what it can do for them, and how they can get it.

Here at Stripes, we’re all about beauty for beauty’s sake. But not if it means sacrificing performance… which for us, is the most beautiful result of all.

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