Stripes Agency 01/22/2021

Doctor, doctor! Give me the news… 🎶

This week brings glad tidings for page managers with the launch of Facebook’s revamped Account Quality Dashboard in Business Manager, which aggregates and explains any policy violation concerns. Meanwhile, Facebook hands off the permanence of Trump’s ban from their platforms to an independent committee. And Pinterest rolls out a new Pin type mimicking Stories!

Facebook Releases Account Quality Dashboard
Good news for page and ad managers! With Facebook’s new Account Quality Dashboard in Business Manager, your account health will no longer be a mystery. Gone are the days of mysterious ad suspensions and rule violations. Now they’ll all live in the same place with an interface that provides the reasoning. Read more.

Will Trump Be Banned from FB and IG Forever?
That’s for the independent Oversight Board to decide. While Facebook has shared their “decision to suspend former President Trump was right,” they also maintain they shouldn’t “make these calls on [their] own.” Fair enough. The oversight board will investigate whether Facebook’s original decision is a “violation of international human rights standards.” Read more.

Pinterest Tests Stories Feature
Given the popularity (and addictiveness) of Stories, we suppose it was only a matter of time until all social platforms had a similar feature. The latest to adopt the trend? Pinterest. But kudos to Story Pins, because they aren’t temporary. They’re still Pins, so they don’t disappear after 24 hours. And, these Pins are leaning into the popular Stories interface. Read more.

đź’ˇ Media Insight

Trust is at an all-time low with social platforms. Woof.

Hmm. So what?

Edelman’s 2021 Trust Barometer addresses some tough truths—including reports public trust in social media is at an all-time low.As digital advertisers, what does this mean for us? We discussed it as a team, and here’s what we predict: 

Historically, a lack of trust in social platforms doesn’t correspond with a mass exodus from the platforms. The data would indicate an inverse relationship, as active users on social platforms are only growing year over year. That said, the only implication we see is some users may drop off the platforms, but we don’t anticipate this will make a big impact.

For social advertisers specifically, we don’t think you have to worry.

Why? The specificity of the targeting on social media platforms enables smart advertisers to ensure users are only seeing relevant ads. So long as users are seeing ads for products they’re interested in, we anticipate ads will continue to be effective and remain unassociated with the negative opinion of the platforms.

🎨 Creative Insight

To Make Your Landing Page Work, Do This…

When it comes to landing pages, less is more. Too much to read, to click, to watch, to take in could drive people off your landing page before they even get to know you…  kind of like swiping left. 💔

Point is: The sign of a strong landing page is simplicity. Here are a few dos and don’ts:

– Put your key information up top. The more someone has to scroll, the more likely you are to lose them.
– To that end, include a call-to-action (CTA) at the top and bottom of your page.

– Add too much friction. We like a lot of data too, but you can always collect more information once someone is in the door. Make it easy for your users to take that next step (CTA).
– Overwhelm your visitors with too much copy. A strong way to bolster your content for those who want more information is to include a video.

Want more guidance? We love Harry’s approach to landing pages, linked here.

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