Stripes Agency 01/06/2020

Facebook, Instagram Are Top Social Media Resources on Cyber Monday

  • Facebook and Instagram were the top two resources for Cyber Monday deals, according to a survey of Cyber Monday shoppers.
  • Males more than females report that social media platforms influence their purchasing decisions.
  • Shoppers age 45+ relied more heavily on Amazon than younger shoppers did.

Online shoppers spent $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday in 2019, according to data from Adobe Analytics. This represents a nearly 20% increase over last year. The first Monday after Thanksgiving has become the number one online shopping day in the U.S., making it critical for retailers and brands to have a strong online presence to capture their fair share of the pie.

But digital media is highly fragmented, and brands and retailers can’t be everywhere. To provide some insights into this massive shopping day, Stripes conducted a survey of 2,164 consumers to better understand who shopped on Cyber Monday and where they found their deals.

In all, nearly a quarter of U.S. adults (24%) bought something online on Cyber Monday this year. That means approximately 60 million adults made purchases and with an average spend of around $150 on that day alone.

Millennials (ages 25-34) led the way with 27% choosing to shop on that day, while Boomers (age 65+) lagged with only 21% taking advantage of the Cyber Monday deals. In general, more females (27%) than males (22%) shopped.

Facebook was by far the most influential social media presence, with a third of all respondents (32%) indicating they found their Cyber Monday deals on that platform. Instagram (12%) and Amazon (10%) were the next most influential platforms, followed by basic Internet searches (9%).

Males reported that, after Facebook (30%), their online purchases were influenced the most by YouTube (11%), Instagram (10%), and Amazon (10%). Meanwhile, females reported that Instagram (13%), email (10%), and Amazon (9%) were the top platforms — again, after Facebook (33%) — that drove them to grab their Cyber Monday deals.

Older shoppers (age 45+) relied more on Amazon (14%) than did shoppers ages 18 to 44 (6%). And the younger crowd used Instagram at twice the rate that older shoppers did (15% vs. 8%).

Facebook was definitely king among all age groups, but it was particularly important for consumers ages 45 to 54. Forty-one percent of these buyers found their Cyber Monday deals on Facebook. They were also the age group that relied on Amazon the most, with 17% indicating they found their deals there.

Purchasers in the 55 to 64 age group relied heavily on Facebook (36%) and Amazon (16%) as well, and they were the group most likely to use basic Internet searches to find their deals (16%).

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The survey was conducted online using Google Surveys. A total of 2,164 responses were collected from December 3–6, 2019.