Stripes Agency 05/01/2020


This week in paid social brings the buzz of new features, such as the ability to donate to NPOs on Instagram Live, new ad placements on Snapchat, and a subscription model from Marco Polo. Notably, thanks to a captive audience with a heightened appetite for news, publishers are pushing for subscriptions more than ever and winning big with inexpensive Facebook ads.

Instagram Introduces Live Donations
As a means to provide aid to the causes we care about that need our help more than ever, Instagram is now empowering users to raise money on Instagram Live, beginning Tuesday, April 29. The Live Donations feature allows individuals to select ‘Live’ at the bottom of their screen, click ‘Fundraiser,’ and then select a nonprofit to support. Read more.

Publishers Leverage Facebook Ads to Bolster Subscriptions
With news consumption on the rise, publishers are accelerating ad spend dedicated to subscriber acquisition. A report shows that since the beginning of March, the number of subscribers in Condé Nast’s portfolio is up 100% compared to that same time period last year. And 50% of this increase came from paid efforts. Read more.

Snapchat Rolls Out New Premium Ad Placement
Snapchat boasts over 60 original shows within its platform that have seen increased reach and interest. So much so that Snap has created a ‘First Commercial’ ad placement, described as ‘the influential first commercial a user sees when they tune into Snap’s robust suite of shows.’ The placement is considered a premium ad spot geared toward attracting more high-end advertisers. Read more.

Marco Polo Launches a Subscription Model
Seeking to benefit from its recent rise in the number of platform users, Marco Polo rolled out a new subscription program called Marco Polo Plus. It’s priced at $5/mo. with an annual subscription of $59.99, or $10/mo. if you choose to pay monthly. The subscription service offers a suite of exclusive features such as voice-only messages, custom emojis, and expanded video editing features. Read more.

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