Stripes Agency 06/05/2020


This week, #BlackLivesMatter has the attention of America and all the social platforms. (And rightly so!) Zuckerberg made a statement affirming his dedication to anti-polarization on Facebook, and there are questions about Trump’s executive order regarding Twitter. And, finally, what are the odds that Facebook Marketplace becomes the new Amazon?  

Social Platforms Stand with BLM
Protesters have been active throughout the U.S. this week, championing the Black Lives Matter movement. Each social platform has contributed to the cultural dialogue and shown their support for the cause of equality. Click to read what each had to say. Read more.

Zuckerberg Stands for Anti-Polarization
Last week, we shared a Wall Street Journal piece about Facebook’s decision to shelve their anti-polarization efforts. In a statement this week, Zuckerberg responded to the WSJ article, “We care about [anti-polarization] deeply, and we’ll continue studying it.” Read more.

CDT Challenges Legality of Trump’s Twitter Executive Order
The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) has filed a lawsuit claiming Trump’s executive order may discourage other platforms from exercising their free speech rights. If enacted, the executive order, which he signed last week, would decrease platform liability protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Read more.

FB Marketplace: New Territory for B2C
When Facebook Marketplace launched in 2016, its main focus was connecting local users who were selling goods. Since then, Facebook has made its Marketplace feature more robust. B2C companies can now leverage Marketplace to gain access to benefits like low selling fees (a 5% commission rate compared to Amazon’s 15%), high checkout rates, easy in-platform purchasing and integration, and highly personalized shopping experience for each customer. Read more.


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