Stripes Agency 12/11/2020

Ban No More

Google lifted its political ad bans this week! Woo-hoo! AND they’re introducing enhancements to Lead Form Extensions. Twitter is adding a Frequency cap on all campaigns so advertisers can better optimize campaigns. And finally, Reddit is reporting some pretty impressive end-of-year growth.

🎉Google Lifts Its Political Ad Ban 🎉
ICYMI: Google lifted its political ad ban yesterday. Political advertisers everywhere are rejoicing. Now just for Facebook to follow suit. Read more.

Twitter Allows Frequency Caps on All Campaigns
Marketers can now control how often their ads are shown to each Twitter user within a campaign. From brand lifts to offline sales impacts, advertisers on the platform are now able to better optimize campaigns and deliver more efficient business outcomes. Read more.

Google Ads Introduces New Enhancements to Lead Form Extensions
Google launched lead forms about a year ago, but the execution wasn’t perfect. Now Google is fixing those issues, making it easier to apply and share Lead Form extensions, which filter out bots and include pre-made questions for users to answer. Finally, Google is making the process for acquiring signups a lot easier by connecting Lead forms to webhook and Zapier.  Read more.

Reddit Just Shared Their Annual Year in Review  👀
And the increase in activity is impressive. Reddit’s post numbers are up 52.4% and their daily active user count is up 44% YoY. Read more.

💡 Media Insight
How to Optimize for Higher Value Purchases

If you’ve got a large catalog of products and you want to focus on promoting items $50 and up, try this…

Did you know you can use highest value bidding and use a value-based lookalike audience?

Set up a custom conversion of purchases over $50 and use that custom purchase conversion as the optimization event rather than the standard purchase event. Accordingly, Facebook will only look for purchases above that price threshold.

Be sure to test it alongside the campaign optimized for normal purchases with highest value bidding and a value look-alike to see what performs better.

It’s worked for Stripes.

We’ve seen it work before for a NPO donor acquisition campaign, where the client was offering to send out free books, and in return prompted a donation. At first, we were having a problem with people not donating and just getting the free book. But we solved for it using this exact methodology! 

We created a purchase event over each donation threshold, leading to more donor revenue. 


🎨 Creative Insight

One Simple Way to Power Up Your Copy

Words have power. But not all words are powerful. So how can you make sure the words you write not only make people stop and lean in, but move them to action? Consider your verb tense.

Most marketing copywriters have been trained to write how they talk. After all, this makes copy sound like a real person wrote it, and it’s easier for people to connect with and relate to. Which of course leads to higher response and better performance.

But there’s a caveat to this best practice: writing in the present active verb tense.

This isn’t how we always talk, but it makes for punchier, stronger copy—namely when you’re stating a benefit of a product or service.

Consider this example…

“Product XYZ will give you the tools you need to make more money.”
“Product XYZ gives you the tools you need to make more money.”

Pretty simple change, right? By changing the verb tense from future to active, the second sentence above is punchier and stronger.

So give it a try. The next time you’re writing copy, consider your verb tense. Nine times out of ten, you can flip it to present active… and give your copy the punch it needs to perform better.

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