Stripes Agency 04/24/2020

Adios, CBO! 👋

This week in paid social, Facebook announced a shift away from their mandate that would have required advertisers to use automated campaign budget optimization (CBO). Fashion retailer Levi’s ran a successful TikTok campaign. And while YouTube was trying to improve its brand suitability tools, it may have inadvertently accomplished the opposite.

Facebook No Longer Will Require Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)
Last October, Facebook confirmed an upcoming mandated platform migration to the usage of CBO (campaign budget optimization) across all paid campaigns starting in February 2020. They’ve since shifted their stance and announced this week that CBO will remain an optional feature. Read more.


“In layman’s terms, CBO dictates where your spend is allocated across your list of targeted audiences. Overall, CBO is still a recommended method of assisted and/or automated campaign management. Results over time have proven that CBO typically leads to lower costs per results/action, better budget utilization, and time savings.”

Ivan Huang, VP of Media

Don’t Miss Levi’s’ Forward Thinking TikTok Campaign
In the wake of the closure of their storefronts, Levi’s turned to TikTok to test the native “Shop Now” buttons that allow users to purchase in-platform. After a short test in which they partnered with various influencers, Levi’s reported high engagement and website traffic, highlighting doubled traffic for every product featured in their ads. Read more.

YouTube’s Recent Brand Suitability Tools May Over Filter
YouTube has partnered with ad tech vendors to allow tools for advertisers that leverage keyword or contextual targeting to quickly and preemptively block videos that are ill-suited for their brand. While it may be an improvement over the manual process, the risk is that these tools may over-filter, resulting in more limited reach for advertisers and decreased revenue for content creators. Read more.

Think Bigger. Be Bolder.

These are trying times. Yet amidst the hardships and sadness of the global pandemic, people are thinking more creatively than they were a mere few weeks ago. Call it a silver lining.

This week, Marc Andreessen published a piece about rebooting the American dream. It’s the sort of bold thinking that takes humanity somewhere better. It’s also a hopeful sign of much more to come from world leaders and thinkers.

Humanity is shockingly resilient, so who knows? With some ingenuity and hard work, we just might rise from the ashes even stronger — and bolder.

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