Stripes Agency 01/29/2021

A Big Week for Facebook

If you love reading about what Facebook has been up to, you’re in for a real treat this week because they dominated industry headlines. First off, Facebook had a monster 2020. Plus, the Oversight Board just delivered their first five verdicts. The theme? Free-er speech. Lastly, Facebook is sharing its political ad data with academic researchers to present a clearer picture of election-year advertising.

Facebook Usage Is Up YoY
Facebook’s Q4 earnings report is in! And it’s showing $28B in revenue and $11.2B in profit; a respective 31% and 53% growth YoY. Yeaaah. Facebook usage surged when COVID-19 drove a huge increase in screen time worldwide, but the challenge will be maintaining the same rate of growth YoY without a pandemic. Plus, the company has its work cut out for it with the pile of controversies ranging from governmental antitrust intervention to public scrutiny of information regulations. Read more.

Oversight Board Releases First Round of Decisions
Last October, Facebook founded the Oversight Board, an independent committee to determine its toughest content regulation (i.e., removal) decisions. Yesterday, the Oversight Board delivered the first round of verdicts… all five of them. The board overturned 4 out of 5 of Facebook’s content regulations based on whether their “removal of the content respected international human rights standards, including on freedom of expression.” If these first rulings are an indication of what’s to come, Facebook will be allowing more free speech in the future. Read more.

Facebook Shares Ad Election Data with Independent Researchers
In the wake of the presidential election, Facebook is sharing a dataset of 1.3 million political and social issue ads with the academic research community. The dataset will expand upon the data already publicly available in the Facebook Ad Library. Facebook’s decision is driven by their recognition that “understanding the online political advertising landscape is key to protecting elections.” Read more.

💡 Media Insight

Stay Sharp.

Here are a few podcasts you’ll catch our media team tuning into and why we like ‘em!

Learn Paid Media

Great overview of various media topics for beginners, but also a good way for experienced buyers to expand their knowledge of other platforms.

Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer

This is probably the most in-depth look at all things Facebook ads-related. You can find an episode on any topic.

The Paid Search Podcast

Extremely helpful even for experienced buyers. (Plus, their Patreon costs $2 a month and is a great networking tool!)

🎨 Creative Insight

Getting Unstuck.

You can’t force great creative. So what do we do when we’re stuck in a rut? We asked our team. Here are the themes:


Science backs us on this one. Turns out our brains are most active when we’re relaxed. So try to slow down and relax. Our creative director shares that massages and exercise help him disconnect and relax.

We also got an anonymous tip: “Drinking on an empty stomach helps. Don’t quote me on that one.”


Sometimes we get stuck because our approach isn’t the best. A fresh perspective often does the trick to finding a new angle to problem-solve. Here’s are some tricks we use:

  • Change of environment: Go outside. Go for a walk or drive.
  • Change of task: Pause whatever you’re stuck on and start another thing. Come back to the other thing later.
  • Give it a fresh brain: Get a good night’s sleep and wake up early to tackle the challenge.

It works for us! Our copywriter Andy Benke shared, “I like to change up my environment when I get stuck. Sometimes I try to keep thinking about whatever I’m working on, sometimes I just forget about it. Then I come back to whatever it was and tend to have a bit of a different perspective.”


If you wanna make great work, look to the greats.

Our art director, Jake Saunders, shared he has a collection of his favorite designers, studios, and agencies and looks at what they are doing and see if it sparks any ideas. In case you’re in need of inspiration, some of his go-to’s are: Lincoln Design Co.Invisible Creature, and DKNG.

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