Stripes Agency 08/21/2020

73% of Americans agree on something…

A majority of Americans believe social media platforms censor political views. Meanwhile, Oracle makes a bid for TikTok, Facebook tests a merge of Instagram and Messenger chats, and tech giants pursue partnerships with music labels.

73% of Americans Think Platforms Censor Political Viewpoints
A new Pew Research Center survey shows that a majority of Americans think social media platforms are very (37%) or somewhat (36%) likely to censor political viewpoints. The party breakdown? 90% of Republicans and 59% of Democrats believe it’s likely. Read more.

The Simple Explanation for Oracle’s TikTok Bid
As Oracle looks to build its cloud-computing and consumer-data business, acquiring TikTok starts to make more sense. While Microsoft emerged as an early front-runner, Oracle might not be out of the running just yet. Read more.

Facebook Begins Merging Instagram and Messenger Chats
The top right corner of your Instagram app might look different these days. As Facebook moves to unify its messaging platforms, some Instagram users may now see the Messenger logo in place of the Direct Message icon during a test run. Read more.

Tech Giants Push Music Partnerships
TikTok’s popularity made it abundantly clear: music is huge on social media. In recent weeks, social media giants have begun partnering with different record labels as these platforms seek to woo users with music features. Read more.

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