Stripes Agency 03/13/2020

What do you call fleeting tweets? Fleets.

What do you call fleeting tweets? Fleets! This week in paid social, Reddit launches new ad placement allowing advertisers to participate in trending conversations, Twitter rolls out their own version of Stories called Fleets (as in “Fleeting Tweets”… clever, huh?), and advertisers now have the opportunity to push notifications through the App Store. Of course, there’s also COVID-19…

Reddit Rolls Out New Ad Placement

Reddit, a platform with 430 million MAUs, has developed an opportunity for advertisers “to align with conversations in real-time” by launching a trending ad product called “Trending Takeover.” Read more.

Twitter Launches ‘Fleets’

Fleets is a new, ephemeral content feature that Twitter is beginning to test in Brazil. Sound familiar? It should. It’s just like Stories on Facebook and Instagram (who borrowed the concept from Snapchat…). Anyways, Fleets are distinct from Tweets insofar as they can’t receive Likes, Replies, or Retweets. Read more.

Can Digital Marketers Use Apple’s New Push Notification Feature?

ICYMI, Apple now allows app publishers to push ads and promos in notifications to users who’ve specifically opted in to receive them. This recently expanded guideline will create new opportunities for advertisers. Industry experts predict this push notification territory could be difficult for advertisers to navigate; but if successfully executed, it could also prove valuable. Read more.

Facebook Offers Support for COVID-19

Responding to the pandemic, Facebook is offering a Business Resource Hub for companies that are shifting to more remote work. It includes pertinent courses such as “How to Help Minimize Business Disruption During Emergencies” and offers links to external resources from McKinsey & Company urging people to “not assume the worst.” Read more.

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