Stripes Agency 02/14/2020

Digital Campfire Culture is on the Rise 🏕🔥

Instagram’s most recent update allows users to participate more actively in who shows up in their feed, and younger generations tend to shy away from mass social media. Digiday proposes whether it’s time for Instagram to share their ad revenue with their content creators. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg recently spent an impressive $1.7 million on ads in just one day on Facebook. Kudos to the agency taking a cut of that ad spend!

Instagram Rolls Out New Features

Under the ‘Following’ tab on Instagram, you’ll see two new category listings that empower users to see their least engaged and most visible accounts. The new feature allows users more insight into whose content they’re missing, empowering them to unfollow the least-engaged accounts. Read more.

Young Audiences Crave a More Intimate “Campfire Culture”

Young people prefer private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups over larger, more public forms of social media communication. This “digital campfire” culture post is on the minds of the major platforms such as Facebook, which is losing younger audiences. Read more.

Instagram Reported Revenue Pressurizes Sharing Ad Dollars with Content Creators

Instagram makes more ad revenue than YouTube does, but they don’t share ad dollars with content creators (individuals or media companies). YouTube, on the other hand, shares the “majority” of their ad revenue with their creators. What’s Instagram’s next move? Read more.

Political Ad Spend That’s News-Worthy

A couple weeks ago, Mike Bloomberg spent $1.7MM on Facebook ads in one day. Wow. Facebook shows he’s been averaging over $1 million a day on ad spends for the past two weeks, far surpassing Trump’s previous record-setting Facebook spend by 5x. Read more.


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