Here’s what we do:

Paid Media Management — Running paid media campaigns that deliver on your business goals is at the core of what we do.  We leverage data-driven targeting strategies that are audience-led, with a focus on paid social planning, execution, campaign optimization, and performance measurement.

Creative & Content Creation — We deliver high-engagement creative. Our services include copy, photography, videography, and illustration to help your brand stand out.

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Why do you call yourself a paid social agency?

Every client engagement has a paid advertising component. While creative is what ultimately moves people to action, we believe that paid media provides a path towards a scalable and predictable social program.

Do you do community management?

Yes, but we believe it’s a distinct function from social media marketing. Sometimes it’s best handled in-house. When outsourced, most agencies use it as an avenue to fill up hours. We try to identify actual needs and opportunities to solve for that.

Do you have a strong relationship with the social platforms?

Yes, especially with Facebook and LinkedIn. Because we leverage the platforms to their fullest extent—unlike most agencies—we oftentimes have the opportunity to beta new product offerings before other agencies do. We also have access to the internal creative shops if a campaign’s media buy is significant enough.

Do you work on campaigns or one-off projects?

Definitely. That said, we evaluate them based on whether there’s an opportunity for a long-term engagement.

Do you respond to RFPs?

Yes. We love to compete. We also like to win, so we put a lot of heart and effort into these opportunities. Because of that, if you already have someone selected and are submitting to fulfill internal policies, please don’t.

Do you have minimums?

Yes. Our minimum engagements start at $5,000 per month for media management and creative, plus paid media spend.

But what do most clients typically actually pay?

Most clients typically spend between $10,000 and $20,000 per month on their paid social programs with us—but ultimately our goal is to quickly get to clear ROI that allows us both to decide the best size and shape for a given project.

Do you bill for media?

We prefer not to, as it turns us into a bank and we don’t like being in the middle. That, alongside a lack of transparency in advertising, drives our positioning on this. That said, some clients require this. In those instances, we require modified payment terms to ensure our interests are aligned.

Do you work with startups?

Generally, we don’t. We’ve found that we are typically better suited for clients that have established product/market fit and refined brand messaging. That said, if you’ve read everything above and feel like you’re a good fit, please still shoot us a note.

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